frank baliello (front page)

“…Forget your perfect offering
there is a crack in everything
that’s how the light gets in…”

Anthem by Leonard Cohen 

I’m a Canadian/Italian with a working passion for film documentaries and photography for 45 years. I have designed this website to be as simple as possible with the hopeful outcome that each single photograph is dedicated to the appreciation in a world of immense cultural diversity.
On a side note, the photographs in this site are a mixture of film negatives and digital, although I am noticing with time that film is becoming predominant in thought, style and culture substituting my digital camera enthusiasm even though I do appreciate the quality of dedicated photo printers and papers which I often use as my final source and finally I still use the old Aperture (OS X)  program principally for it’s ease of use, with on occasion some dodge and burn and use old Nik software for contrast and brightness.
I suppose this can be summed up in finding beauty in imperfection (wabi-sabi).


MOVIE MOVIE  “John F. Kennedy 100 Years” (RAI Storia 2017) Production Coordinator Assistant
Part 2 of 3 Italian Version (link opens in new tab)

MOVIE MOVIE  “Return To Spoon River” (RAI Cinema 2015) short version Production Coordinator Assistant
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Book Covers
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Please Note: I do not make commissions on book sales. I just believe in helping poets!