“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.”  Elliot Erwitt 


 I’m a Canadian/Italian with a working passion for film documentaries and photography for 45 years. I have designed this website to be as simple as possible with the hopeful outcome that each single photograph is dedicated to the appreciation in a world of immense cultural diversity.
On a side note, the photographs in this site are a mixture of film negatives and digital, although I am noticing with time that film is becoming predominant in thought, style and culture substituting my digital enthusiasm and just recently I have started developing my own negatives. I suppose this can be summed up in finding beauty in imperfections.




MOVIE MOVIE  “John F. Kennedy 100 Years” (RAI Storia 2017) Production Coordinator Assistant
Part 1 of 3 Italian Version (will open in new tab)


MOVIE MOVIE  “Return To Spoon River” (RAI Cinema 2015) Production Coordinator Assistant


Book Covers 
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 Very Brief List Video Productions (Images Only 1980-1990)
First High Definition Recordings


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